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Helping customers understand your business as you see it


Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cassinelli Consulting provides advice and plans for companies of all sizes that interact with their customers through mobile apps. From independent developers to the largest mobile technology brands, we can work with you to understand the opportunities you can take advantage of, build or improve the core of your business, or take a new look at how you fits into the competitive landscape.

As a consultant, Cassinelli Consulting will help take the vision you see for your business and help customers understand it. Whether it's translating something complicated into an easy-to-grasp concept, providing specific tactics you can implement to make small differences that add up to bigger effects, or giving a new perspective to what's already working, there are many ways to use our services and augment what you're already doing.

Cassinelli Consulting specializes in brand marketing, social media strategy and execution, and a unique expertise in mobile applications with regards to automation and the Shortcuts app/feature coming from Apple in iOS 12. From experience working on client pitches in more traditional contexts, intimate work on major consumer brands from agency work at VaynerMedia, and time spent at Workflow before being acquired by Apple, work from Cassinelli Consulting draws from the consumer experiences, brand needs, and industry practices with special consideration for your company.

Plus, as the foremost expert in Apple's Shortcuts available for hire, Cassinelli Consulting can help you figure out how to best take advantage of the Shortcuts app, Siri suggestions, and voice-only interaction with iOS. You can get personal guidance on implementing these features with your application & brand in mind and be one of the first companies to help their users take advantage of the powerful new features in a unique way.

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Berkeley, CA


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Areas of Practice

Brand Strategy

The environment for app developers changes constantly and figuring out where exactly your company fits into the ecosystem takes rigorous consideration. We can harden your strengths, discuss those might change over time, and where you should focus your efforts in a complex world.


Use the best words for the best results. Develop language that fits, puts the right message in front of the right consumer, and establish a microstyle that doesn't just read well but conveys and converts when it needs to.

Product Development

Keep pushing your service to fulfill the needs of your constituents. Understand what's working and what might not, identify the opportunities worth pursuing, and give a critical eye to the details that can push you from good to great.

Advertising and Analysis

Measure your efforts, get data to make informed choices, and use it all for real paid promotion that drives business results. Grow where it makes sense and scale back when it doesn't – mostly importantly make informed decisions about your brand.

Content Marketing

Get help talking about yourself without spinning your wheels. Explore ways you can stay top-of-mind, map out your consumer journey, and set up multiple tactical approaches for accomplishing your goals. Do the work that's right for your customer, your brand, and the medium.


Explain things in clear language. Don't let assumptions get in the way of new users understanding what you're about. With a clear guide showing people the way, there should be no excuse for the right people to choose you.



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